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CE – Who We Are

I’m Sam Elty, one of the principals of CE Electrical Contractors. I handle the pre-construction side of the house, business development, and also act as contracts administrator.

We handle everything from a concept from an owner to a busy set of plans for design-build and then we also handle hard bid plan and spec. We can also price your smallest job as well.

Once the job is awarded, we turn it over to Paul’s team he puts a plan in place and executes it for construction.

I’m Paul Calafiore, one of the principals of CE Electrical Contractors. I handle the field sides and operations for the company. Once a project is awarded and turned over from Sam’s side of the house, I take it on from there and we elect a foreman and we mobilize on projects. Our best interest is our clients and we suit their project needs.

CE Electrical Contractors

CE Electrical Contractors has been around since 2013. We handle all different types of projects, we can handle adding an outlet to your kitchen or your living room – or anything as large as a 300,000 square foot warehouse for all your needs of panels, lighting, lighting upgrades, retrofits. We handle it, pretty much, from any point from the smallest project to the largest

Since 2013, we have been serving the greater Connecticut area, all around, all aspects of all services: new construction projects, remodels, anything of that sort.  Here at CE Electrical Contractors, we are committed to safety for our employees. We want to make sure at the end of the day, all our employees go home to their families the same way they came in.  All our employees are OSHA certified, OSHA 10 or OSHA 30. We do have daily job site talks with our foreman that they administer on site and every employee signs off.

We require hard hats, safety glasses, and high visibility where it’s required on pertaining projects.

We would love to hear from you and discuss the best way we can meet the needs of your next project.

Our Service Are Electrifying

Professional Electrical Services

Here at CE Electrical Contractors we have been providing professional electrical services to industrial and commercial businesses for 20+ years. We have become a leading expert for customers throughout the New England area.

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Outside Electrical

Line contractors are responsible for high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines. We build and maintain the infrastructure required to transport electricity generated at a power plant through a series of high-voltage lines and substations before it is used to power facilities, buildings, and homes.

Inside Electrical

Inside electrical contractors provide electricity to any structure within a property's boundary lines, including outdoor lighting or substations. Under current construction specification guidelines.  Contractors for all electrical and cabling design, installation, and maintenance for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.

Integrated Building Systems

Integrated building systems" (IBS) or "Voice/Data/Video" (VDV) electrical contractors work primarily with low-voltage installations such as back-up power, climate controls, wireless networks, energy-efficient lighting, telecommunications, fiber optics, and security systems. The integrating of system controls for maximum energy efficiency and building performance.

Highest Quality Electrical Contracting

CE Electrical Contractors

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We are available to you, just fill out this simple contact form.  CEEC is a full-service electrical contractor providing the best solutions in industrial and commercial electrical construction!

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