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Since our inception in 2007, CE Electrical Contractors has made its mark on the construction industry by providing the highest quality electrical contracting to every project we take on, whether it be large or small.

We are proud of our renowned ability to consistently deliver:

Quality Installations

Our portfolio spans some of the most challenging Commercial, Industrial and Healthcare Projects up and down the east coast.

Exceptional Service

CE Electrical Contractors always seeks to exceed expectations.

Emphasis on Safety

From the highest levels of our company, a commitment to safety is paramount and woven into every facet of our corporate culture. Our Accident Prevention Program and impressive safety record are the envy of our peers in the Electrical Construction industry.

Insuring Success CE Electrical Bristol CT

ce electrical
ce electrical

CE Electrical

Leaders In Safety


At the end of the day, we want to see everyone on our team to go home to their families every night so, we ensure that all of our employees receive the most current safety information and training available. The goal is to continuously raise the bar and evolve along with new advances in this area.


A successful project is a safe project. We approach safety much the same way we do construction in general – with the belief that a team-oriented focus is crucial. Our entire project management team consistently assesses and actively monitors every job to prevent accidents and unsafe conditions.

Incentive Plan

The tremendous value that we place on safety is an integral part of our corporate identity and culture, and one that we instill in all of our employees – from the top down. Thus, we believe in rewarding those employees whose behavior demonstrates a shared appreciation for, and commitment to, our safety goals. We review all job safety records (including pre-task planning, job hazard analyses, incidents, near misses, property damage, etc.) on a monthly basis and implement results-based employee incentive plans to encourage safety on all of our projects.


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meet our team

President & COO

Paul Calafiore

Paul Califore CE Electrical

Paul has developed a strong knowledge of the operational needs of CE Electrical Contractors and the expectations of our clients with our organization. As Co-CEO, he is responsible for managing our day-to-day internal business requirements,including establishing performance goals, allocating manpower and resources,and administering standard operating procedures. Paul leverages his 15+years of industry experience to guide CEEC’s short and long-term business objectives and provide overall direction to our firm’s growth and development.His leadership ability is built upon a diverse foundation of electrical construction management and project management experience previously gained at some of the largest electrical contractors in the north east. Paul has successfully led some of the most technically complex projects in the Northeast during his career. Paul also holds an E1 for Connecticut.

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Elty

Sam Elty CE Electrical

As CEO Sam is responsible for CEEC’s global sales and the market segment groups, and serves as the senior leader for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. With his 20+ years of relevant industry experience, Sam has honed an instinctive ability to understand client needs with value-management and providing every CEEC client with a cost-effective approach. Sam also act’s as Contracts Administrator and a leader for corporate development. He also holds an E2 Journeymans Licence for CT.

Construction, Service and Operations

  • Robert Giovannucci – Project Manager, CT, RI & MA – Bristol, CT x 403
  • Jay Bradley – Project Manager, CT, RI & MA – Bristol, CT x 409
  • Mark Campochiaro – Project Manager, FL – Ormond Beach, FL x 410
  • Scott Morris – General Superintendent, FL – Ormond Beach, FL x 415
  • Ed McCarty – Project Manager, FL & GA – Jacksonville, FL x 416
  • Wally Martinez – Project Coordinator, CT, RI & MA – Indianapolis, IN x 416
  • Pre-Construction & Business Development

  • Daniel Garelick – Director of Pre-Construction, FL – Jacksonville, FL x 417
  • Sam Wilion – Project Estimator – Bristol, CT x 408
  • John Omara – Assistant Estimator , CT, MA & RI – Bristol, CT x 420
  • Accounting & Finance

  • Susan Ludwin – Chief Financial Officer – Bristol, CT x 418
  • Mary Ann Sciuto – Controller – Bristol, CT x 417
  • Darlene Dorosh – Accounts Payable – Bristol, CT x 407
  • DyNiesha Whitfield – Accounts Receivable – Bristol, CT x 405