Welles-Turner Library

I’m Sam Elty from CE Electrical Contractors. This is Welles-Turner Memorial Library where we’re doing a 1st and 2nd floor renovation, as well as an addition. So let’s take you in.

So, this is a “open-phased” renovation. Multiple phases at different times, a lot of sequencing is involved where we have – one area shuts down, we’ll renovate it.

We have to turn it over to the client and then they turn it over to the library and then so on and so forth with the other phases. Sometimes that can be challenging depending on their schedule but we’ve always managed to meet their schedule.

The project consists of mostly LED retrofit light fixtures. Some of them we are going to be refurbishing. You know, your typical branch power and your fire alarm renovations.

We also have a unique installation of a composite generator connection cabinet and transfer switch. It’s a packaged unit where all functions are deriving out of one unit itself.

It’s going to be the switch for the generator.

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